Click Bait is Evil: or, How to Make Me Unfriend, Unlike, and Unfollow You


I'm a dog person, but even I would heed this warning.

I apologize in advance,  but this post,  which has come after a lengthy absence,  is a bit if a rant. I have noticed a disturbing trend that is occurring on many of the Facebook pages love. It is invasive,  insidious, and frequently leaves me feeling violated and betrayed.  I am,  of course,  referring to click bait.

At first I shrugged it off.  Promises that #5 would amaze me,  or that I would be shocked to my core at 2:58 proved to be completely false,  time and again.  At first the “articles” were at least tangentially related to the topics normally of interest to those pages and their followers.  They were annoying, but infrequent.

Slowly,  the landscape has been changing.  More often I see posts that fall into a few categories: X used to look like this,  now that Y has come in and made these changes,  you’ll be amazed with the results! ; You might think  you know all about this movie, but a fan has come up with a theory that completely changes how you’ll view the movie forever! ;and Random facts about something you do every day that show you’ve been doing it wrong for years. 

I am ashamed to admit that I fell for these a couple of times.  But after reading a convoluted fan theory about how the Harry Potter series was really about a boy who was in an institution because of his delusions of being a wizard,  I learned my lesson.  It’s great that people have theories about their favorite forms of entertainment, but not every theory is good or interesting. Some of them even turn out to be a waste of time.

One of the pages that at one time I loved,  mainly because it was steampunk related and had some really cool posts related to the Victorian Era and steampunk,  suddenly began sharing click bait articles.  There were only a few in the beginning.  But now,  it is multiple times every day. I may one day soon make the decision to remove the page from my likes. And that pains me.

When I like any page,  it means you are saying something that interest me.  But when it begins to become more about mining for likes,  the quality of posts declines,  and rapidly.

On  a lighter note, I feel heartened to know that others are feeling the same way.  I know these will never go away,  but if I can see fewer on my feed everyday without having to unlike and Unfriend people,  I would be a happy camper.

Again,  I apologize for the rant,  but now that I’ve gotten it out,  I feel better,  and am ready to get back into posting more frequently.

And to add a little more steampunk to your day, a catamaton!