Happy New Year!


I want to start by saying Happy New Year to all of you reading this post.  2015 is actually over (although it seems like it only started a few weeks ago).As I sit here writing this, I am reflecting on where the last year has taken me,  and where I want to be as we enter a new year.

I made some decent progress on not one,  but three writing projects.  One is basically done,  the other two are well under way.  My goal is to finish up the first drafts and start editing at least one of them by mid January. Then hoping further changes and edits on the most complete story will be done by February; then I can get it published and focus on marketing,  which I freely admit,  I’m terrible at.

So,  if I was one to make resolutions,  I would say that I want to go from just writing occasionally to getting these projects completed and out there for people to hopefully read. But,  I am not good at staying with my resolutions,  so all I will say is the I am going to keep writing,  but hopefully with more consistency than I managed last year. 

To that end I am going to sit down tonight and write up a writing schedule.  Everything else gets scheduled in my life,  why should writing have to be fit in around my brief breaks in my day?

I have a couple ideas for topics to use for the blog as well.  I think a couple are kind of neat,  so I need to do a little research into the lose topics and put together some ideas.  I’m looking forward to 2016 in a way I haven’t in the past.  There is a lot to do,  and only 364 days left in the year.

For the other writers out there I want to wish you all a productive and successful new year! 



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