An Announcement

     This year is flying by way too fast. Summer is nearly over; there is a pleasant crispness to the morning air as I leave for now; and best of all, apple cider donuts are once again available for our enjoyment. Some people love their pumpkin spice; I love my apple cider.


Can anyone resist a delicious donut?

     As we start the cooler fall season, I am once again reminded that I have fallen short of my writing goal. Over the course of this year I have officially:

-Started three stories
-Abandoned two of them
-Revisited an older abandoned project
-Started another new story

     Despite my best efforts, it is only recently that I have reached a point on any of my projects where I feel like I am actively moving forward. I have enough confidence in the progress that I am using this blog post to stage a little cover and title reveal. Without further ado I present:


     There is still a bit more writing to be done, and of course some editing, so there is no set release date yet. But I will definitely keep up to date here, as well as on my Facebook page. For anyone interested, here is a little bit of info on the plot:

After defeating the Pirate Drayton, Captain Bernadette Durand and her crew are ready to collect their reward and take a well-deserved break. However, a run-in with a stingy member of Her Majesty’s Navy, Dette and her crew are left with little money and even less hope.

A crazy plan from a trusted confidant may just save the crew and Dette from financial ruin – if it doesn’t kill them all first. Can a strange map, broken compass, and a mysterious island-dweller help the crew of The Morning Star find Captain Drayton’s hidden treasure?

     I’m excited, and more importantly, motivated to finish this story, edit it, and make it available to everyone as soon as I can. I’m looking forward to getting it out there and learning what people think.
     Now, I’m craving a donut. Maybe three.


What is everyone's favorite donut?


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