Fantastic Devices to Improve Your Steampunk Reality Part 4: Eye Enhancers

      I’ve been in the zone lately, while writing my current WIPs. As I have, I began to think about the fact I haven’t recently written about any “Steampunk” technology lately. Today I remedy that a bit.



A tinkerer's best friend.

     “Goggles, those are Steampunk, right?” I assume that more experienced authors and aficionados of the Steampunk genre are asked this type of question often, especially when speaking with new fans if the genre. I found myself asking this type of question as I first attempted to understand the genre.
     But, if you take a step back, take a deep breath, and actually think about it, the question is silly. With the right spin, anything can be Steampunk if you write it that way. It is like asking a horror writer, “is an umbrella horror?” It is if your antagonist is using it to murder people.
     Goggles can be Steampunk. They could be the simple eyepieces to protect an Airship eyes from the whipping winds high in the sky; perhaps they are intricate devices with
Magnifying capabilities. Perhaps an eccentric inventor uses this type of eyewear to better see the tiny parts of their newest Clockwork masterpiece.

     Beyond goggles, there are other pieces of technology that can be used within a Steampunk tale.

                            The Spyglass


A sailor's best friend.

     The telescope, or spyglass can be indispensable whether your characters sail the high seas, or the friendly skies. Your airship captain stands on the deck of their ship, spyglass trained on the mysterious, foreboding rock formation on the horizon. Will it be a safe place to land while they hide from the Pirates chasing them? Or will there be dangers even more perilous than the buccaneers in pursuit?
     One of my favorite stories when I was first reading full length novels, was Treasure Island. For that reason alone, I suppose I have a soft spot for anything related to high seas adventure. Heck, I even watched Pirates of the Caribbean at least a couple dozen times (only the first one. The sequels make my dignity hurt).
     A versatile tool in bit reality and in fiction, the spyglass or telescope could also be used to observe the skies. Galileo made these tools famous in his exploration of the heavens, learning the secrets of the universe. Perhaps your hero discovers a fleet of ships coming from outer space, and must warn a disbelieving public of an impending invasion.
     In my own WIP, a spyglass is used a few times, while my protagonist scans the horizon, wary of the possibility of an attack.



A scientist's best friend.

     Doctors and scientists can be the heroic protagonists in your dark, dystopian world. Your plucky biologist can discover that the cause of the recent rash of vampirism cases is a microbe attacking the red blood cells.
     A genius medical student discovers a new element while examining soil samples from the construction site of the newest air field. Using her trusty microscope she examines its structure, and sees how it reacts with air and water. It releases incredible amounts of energy when exposed to specific amounts of each. Her discovery introduces radiation into the age of steam.
     As I sit here, it is becoming increasingly apparent that as long as you can justify its existence within the reality of your Steampunk novel, you can make nearly anything Steampunk. Even a toaster.


Never doubt the steampunk toaster. Never.


An Announcement

     This year is flying by way too fast. Summer is nearly over; there is a pleasant crispness to the morning air as I leave for now; and best of all, apple cider donuts are once again available for our enjoyment. Some people love their pumpkin spice; I love my apple cider.


Can anyone resist a delicious donut?

     As we start the cooler fall season, I am once again reminded that I have fallen short of my writing goal. Over the course of this year I have officially:

-Started three stories
-Abandoned two of them
-Revisited an older abandoned project
-Started another new story

     Despite my best efforts, it is only recently that I have reached a point on any of my projects where I feel like I am actively moving forward. I have enough confidence in the progress that I am using this blog post to stage a little cover and title reveal. Without further ado I present:


     There is still a bit more writing to be done, and of course some editing, so there is no set release date yet. But I will definitely keep up to date here, as well as on my Facebook page. For anyone interested, here is a little bit of info on the plot:

After defeating the Pirate Drayton, Captain Bernadette Durand and her crew are ready to collect their reward and take a well-deserved break. However, a run-in with a stingy member of Her Majesty’s Navy, Dette and her crew are left with little money and even less hope.

A crazy plan from a trusted confidant may just save the crew and Dette from financial ruin – if it doesn’t kill them all first. Can a strange map, broken compass, and a mysterious island-dweller help the crew of The Morning Star find Captain Drayton’s hidden treasure?

     I’m excited, and more importantly, motivated to finish this story, edit it, and make it available to everyone as soon as I can. I’m looking forward to getting it out there and learning what people think.
     Now, I’m craving a donut. Maybe three.


What is everyone's favorite donut?

An Update: Some Progress has Been Made

I must apologize for the lack of updates recently. A lot has been happening in my life recently, making it a little difficult to keep up with regular posts. Business with my “day job” has been picking up considerably the last several weeks, and I sat in to help hire and train several new employees. Finally, my sister just gave birth to an adorable baby girl, so that excitement has been abound as well. But now things are finally settling down to the point where I can sit down and do some writing.

I’ve been able to keep a slow pace on my works in progress. All three have seen some level of progress in the midst of all the insanity that life has been throwing my way as of late. However, one project is actually reaching a state of completion. I am thinking a few thousand more words, and I might be finished.

Currently, it looks as though I may soon be finished with my sequel to Mademoiselle Durand and the Pirates. I have a tentative title and a couple of cover ideas that I am considering. Though neither is official yet, I thought I’d share my progress:


Option one



Option two

I am somewhat more partial to the look of option number two, but there are elements of option number one that I like as well. The title is pretty much set at this point, barring some unforeseen edits to the story. If anyone has any opinions on either cover, I’d love to hear what you think!

As for my Blog, I will resume more frequent updates effective immediately. I have some topics to write about and many ideas I want to research. And of course updates on the progress of my writing projects. Life is filled with work and other real world obligations, and writing is my escape from that real world. It is my vacation in a world of 40+ hour workweeks, my rest when the real world gets to be too much. And now I can get in a little more time for my escapes. I cannot wait to see where my stories lead me.