So, I guess I should start with a confession: I have tried to blog before. Twice. Neither time went very well. To be fair, it seems that both times I attempted to keep a blog during tumultuous times. Once while attempting to finish school, and once during a big move and ensuing job search. Those times are behind me, thankfully. Now I can focus on things that I find most enjoyable in life.

The most enjoyable thing in my life is my writing. As long as I have been able to speak, I have been telling stories. As long as I have been able to write, I’ve been writing those stories down. I have notebooks full of stories that I’ve written over the years. Some of them decent enough, but most of them the roughest of rough drafts.

In 2013 I decided to do something about my desire to be a writer, and self-published on Amazon.  My first attempt was a short story called Mademoiselle Durand and the Pirates. For a first effort, I was pleased that it received a few downloads. I was even more pleased when it received a couple of favorable reviews.

Currently my focus is on completing two projects that have been in process for some time now.  The first project is a direct sequel to Mademoiselle Durand and the Pirates, which is as yet untitled. The other project is a kind of companion piece. It takes place in the same “universe” as Mademoiselle Durand’s adventures, but features a different cast of characters. Although the writing process has been slow going, I am pleased with the direction and progress each story has made.

It is still early days for this blog. I’m not entirely sure how I’ll proceed. I would like to do some reviews, share the progress I make with my writing, and just generally put my ideas down so I don’t lose them.  To all those that have stumbled upon this site, I wish to say thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say, and I hope you will visit again.  To those of you that have read my work, thank you. If you enjoyed it and are looking for more, I will have a couple of announcements in the near future. If you didn’t enjoy it – unfortunately, there will be more. I’m on a roll, and am addicted to writing. I cannot wait to see how it all turns out!


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